Walk in the footsteps of Vikings and fishermen!

Walk in the footsteps of Vikings and fishermen!

Lighthouse safari to Utvær


Visit the westernmost point in Norway, and explore the rough islands and skerries of Utvær , an old fishing community far out at sea!

Snorres saga tells that the biggest convoy of vikingships ever was gathered here before they sailed to England and the battle of Stanford bridge.

With its beautiful lighthouse the islands boasts both historical significance and captivating natural surroundings. The scenery from the lighthouse is breathtaking, and the place has its own very special atmosphere that you will find nowhere else. The light from the monumental lighthouse built in 1900 can be seen more than 35 km out in the North Sea!

Guided tours and tailormade chartertours/Island jumping with boat and guide are available all year around on request. We can arrange stops at different islands and villages along the route. Please send an us an e-mail or call +47 48105774 for prices and more information.

In the summer Visit Fjordkysten arranges fixed guided tours every Saturday from late June to mid-August. Our guides follow you on the whole tour, telling you about the old coastal culture and the history behind the small places where people settled down hundreds of years ago to be near the fishing grounds. We will also guide you around the North sea trail on Utvær, where you can see where the Vikings sharpened their swords before they went west. The walk takes approximately one hour. For those who wish to walk the stairs up to the top of the lighthouse there will be an option for this.

Departure with boat from Hardbakke harbor 10:45 .

Return to Hardbakke harbor 14:45



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